Before You Design Your Logo

Designing the right logo for your business or brand is tricky.  You’re caught somewhere between keeping up with the latest trends and accurately representing your company.  It’s a visual reminder of everything your business stands for.  Think about some of the iconic logos, the “Golden Arches” at McDonald’s or the mermaid at Starbucks, they were instrumental in building those brands.

You want your logo to be memorable and enhance your brand.  The right symbols and graphics can convey trust between you and your customers.  It’s a key piece of marketing that sets up the character of your business and gives you a well established professional look.

Logo Types

Logo types can be broken down into three separate categories.  First you have the text or font based logos, they use a particular font in their name to make them stand out from the competition.  Coca cola does this, they use a handwritten type of font for their brand.  There are countless others that do it as well, Walt Disney, Microsoft and IBM all do it to.  It’s the most common type of logo creation.

Second type of logo you’ll find are image based and they use a picture to show you what the company does. Car companies include pictures of cars in their designs making it pretty clear what the company is all about.  Lastly, there are abstract designs to represent the company, and again think of the mermaid on the Starbucks cup, or the Nike swoosh.

Huge corporations can spend millions of dollars per month marketing their brands across multiple advertising channels.  The small independent business owner can’t…yet.  For them investing in a solid graphic design that depicts their business is far more realistic.  Think for a minute of the Nike logo, back when they were a small company that logo costs them $35, decent investment wouldn’t you say?

Design Your Logo


Before you hire a graphic artist here are 4 things to consider:

  • Figure out what you want your logo to convey: What is it you want your logo to convey?  Do you want it to illustrate what you do or do you want a more abstract but memorable image.  It can showcase a branding image or what you do, it’s completely up to you.
  • Look at the competition: You can get inspiration from other companies or where ever else you can find it.  Look at the competition you have and figure out how you can be different…stand out.
  • Don’t design just for the web: The internet may be where your business lives but you need a logo that will work with other mediums too.  Even internet business owner have signs, letterhead and business cards.  Your logo needs to be functional yet flexible.
  • Don’t confuse people: Your logo can be an abstract design but it still has to make sense. For example if you run a restaurant does an image of a paintbrush belong in your logo…um, no.

A good logo design is an integral part of your brand, don’t sell yourself short.

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